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Challenge #2: ducky_chas's Fiction Entry

Christmas Eve.

The busiest shopping day of the year.

Mindful people would have their gifts bought and ready by today, but there always remains that desperate crowd of last minute shoppers fighting each other for the remains of potential gifts.

Robert Pattinson unwillingly found himself in front of this treacherous crowd of battling heathens as he entered the department store.

He scratched his head nervously and mentally cursed himself for not remembering to buy his cousin's present sooner.

To his right he saw a barrage of women fighting over stacks of shoes.

"They'll tear me apart." He thought to himself.

To his left, racks of clothes were being scattered and thrown about.

"I don't even know her size, anyhow." He reasoned.

Robert decided to walk straight toward a less crowded area of the store, hoping to stumble across a decent gift for his cousin.

And there it was.

The perfect scarf for cousin Maya. From what he could remember, it matched the lining to her winter coat flawlessly. And it was the last of it's kind.

He reached out and grabbed for it.

The scarf was intercepted.

"What? I was just about to.." Rob began.

"Snooze, you lose." A fairly attractive girl replied, seemingly in a hurry. She flashed a teasing grin and spun around to walk off with the scarf in hand.

Rob quickly grabbed her by the arm. "Excuse me.."

The girl stopped, looked down at the stranger's hand on her arm and lifted an eyebrow, then gave Rob an accusatory glance.

Rob pulled his hand away speedily in response. "Sorry. But I was wondering if I could have that scarf."

The girl laughed hastily. "Are you serious?"

Rob merely nodded, with a hint of an awkward smile.

"And why should I give you the scarf?" She asked, setting the scarf down on the counter and crossing her arms.

"Because it matches my cousin's winter coat perfectly. I need to get it. That's all I need and then I can leave this madness. Please. I'm not used to all this and it's starting to scare me." He pleaded.

She rolled her eyes. "Don't think for a second that those boyish good looks of yours are going to magically make me hand the scarf over to you."

Rob lifted an eyebrow. "Why so hostile?"

"Well if you haven't noticed, It's the last shopping day before Christmas. I think we're all a little hostile."

"I'm not." He argued.

"You should be. That is, if you want to walk out of here with any gifts to show for it." She insisted.

He smiled at her consideration toward him. "You're quite the sassy one, arent you."

Her eyes widened. "Are you hitting on me now?"

"No!" He quickly gets embarrassed. Rob then thinks about that for a moment, as she appears offended by his outburst. "I mean to say.. I was just observing. Not that there wouldn't be a reason to hit on you."

"Well that's almost charming. the most awkward of ways." She replied, looking over his face and finding him somewhat appealing. Then she remembered her shopping mission. "So i'm going to take this scarf and buy it, and you'll just have to deal with that."

"I suppose so." He agrees.

"That's your problem!"

"What did I do now?!"

"You're not putting up a fight." She lectured. "Just a minute ago you were begging to have the scarf. Now you're giving it away. You'll never survive shopping today."

Rob was confused. "So.. you want me to yell at you?"

"It wouldn't hurt. Put a little effort into it."

Rob stood up straight and gave it his best attempt. "If you dont let me have this scarf then YOU'RE... you're.. ..mean?"

"Ugh. Pathetic." She shook her head with disbelief. "You know what? Take it. Take the scarf."

"But you wanted it."

"You did too."

Rob looked around, confused once more. "Ah..Where is it?" He asked.


"The scarf. It's gone." He replied casually.

She looked at where she left the scarf. He was right. "Well, shit. How's that for irony."

"I'll say." He nodded. "What do we do now?"

"We?" She quickly blushed, but tried to cover it up by talking. "I'm going to look for another gift, I'm guessing you're going to do the same."

Rob looked over her face and smiled. He could tell she was starting to warm up to him. "We could look together..." He suggested.

She tilted her head and pretended to think about it. "We could..."

"Or.. A better idea."

She lifted an eyebrow. "Enlighten me."

"I'll buy these gloves." He said, picking up a pair of gloves and then handing a different item to her. "You can get this hat. And we can make our escape out of here as fast as we can and go get a drink together."

His charm had knocked her defenses down. How could she resist an offer like that? She looked down thoughtfully at the hat he placed in her hands, then looked up at him. She nodded. "I like that idea."
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