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Challange 1: DomLuver's Fiction Entry

Challange 1: How Cedric asks Cho To The Yule Ball

“So Cedric who are you going to take to the ball?” Asked one of Cedric’s friends while they were at the breakfast table one morning. It was the day after the Yule Ball was announced and everyone was rushing to get dates.

“I’m not sure,” Cedric lied, he knew from the moment the ball was announced who he was going to be taking.

His eyes drifted over to the Gryffindor table, where the girl of his dreams sat. She was younger than him, and much smarter than him. But he didn’t care, he had fancied her since the moment he saw her. He smiled as he stared at her talking to Harry Potter. Jealousness came over him; he was hoping that Potter wouldn’t get to her before he had a chance to ask her.

He had already planned how he would ask her, he saw her all the time in the corridors when she was heading to lunch, so he figured he’d be able to stop her then. He planned on doing it tomorrow, he figured it was still early he’d be able to ask her before anyone else would.

He grinned to himself as he watched her leave the Great Hall. He would be the luckiest guy in the school when he asked her to go to the ball. Finishing off his breakfast he said his goodbyes and walked up to his Charms classroom. All he could think about was asking her to the ball, he didn’t know why he felt like he was in love with her.

The next day he paced outside his class room. It was lunch time, classes just having been dismissed he waited for her to walk past him. He was nervous beyond reason, every time he saw the color of her hair his heart was jump into his throat. Then finally he saw her, his heart was beating so fast he thought he was going to have a heart attack. He smiled as she approached, and she got nearer to him he opened his mouth.

“Hermione,” Cedric yelled running to catch up with her.

“Ced-Cedric?” Hermione asked confused “What, do you need?”

“I don’t need anything,” Cedric said quickly “I wanted to ask you something.”

“Ask me something?” Hermione said laughing nervously.

“Yes,” Cedric said his heart beating faster.

“What is it Cedric?” Hermione asked smiling kindly at him.

“Well you know the ball coming up?” Cedric said quickly.

“The Yule Ball?” Hermione asked.

“Yes,” Cedric said wringing his hands nervously “I was wondering if you would like to go to the ball with

“Oh Cedric,” Hermione said slowly. “I’m sorry but someone already asked me. Just this morning actually, and I told him that I would go with him, I’m really sorry Cedric.” Hermione smiled at him weakly as his face fell.

“Oh, don’t,” Cedric started “don’t worry about it.”

“Cedric I really am sorry,” She said starting to leave. “I’ll save you a dance.”

“Okay I’ll be waiting for that dance then,” He smiled weakly at her.

“Sorry,” She said running down the stairs to the Great Hall.

Cedric felt like his heart was torn out. He couldn’t believe that someone had asked her before
him. His mind wondered who it could’ve been. Then he remembered Harry Potter, he’s never without her. He’s always around her, and they are always so close. He scowled at the thought of Harry Potter taking Hermione Granger to the Yule Ball. He wanted revenge and he knew the perfect way he would look for Harry’s other crush. He ran off to go look for Cho Chang.

“Cho!” Cedric yelled out ten minutes later. He had found her on the third floor heading down to breakfast.

“Hi Cedric!” She said happily.

“Cho if no one has asked you yet would you like to go to the Yule Ball with me?” Cedric asked quickly. He
didn’t want to get turned down again so he crossed his fingers in his pockets.

“Cedric,” Cho smiled “I’d love to,”

Cedric sighed with relief and placed his arm around her shoulders as they walked to the Great Hall for lunch. He had to keep this a secret it anyone else knew the reason he had asked Cho he’d be labeled a bastard and he didn’t want that.

The night of the ball Cedric met Cho in front of the Great Hall early. She was standing nervously by the entrance to the Great Hall. Before Cedric walked up to her he scanned the room for Hermione. He wanted to ask her about that dance, but he didn’t see her. Reminding himself to look for her he walked up to Cho. Smiling he hugged her.

“Wow you look beautiful tonight,” Cedric smiled.

“Thank you,” She blushed.

As they waited for the ball to begin Cedric’s eyes wandered around looking for Hermione. Then he
spotted her walking down the stairs. But she wasn’t heading toward Potter; she was heading toward Viktor Krum. Cedric’s heart dropped, he had been ignoring Harry for no reason. He thought Hermione looked beautiful. He smiled as he pictured her dancing with him.

As the dance started he danced with Cho, taking quick glances at Hermione along the way. When Cho said he wanted to get some punch Cedric thought this was the prefect opportunity to ask Hermione for that one dance. Heart pounding he walked up to Hermione who was talking with Krum outside the dance floor. She smiled at him as he walked up to her.

“Hermione?” He asked smiling “would you care to dance?”

“Sure Cedric I’d love to,” Hermione said taking his hand. “You don’t mind do you Viktor?”

But before Krum could even answer Cedric had Hermione on the dance floor and was slow dancing with her. They smiled at each other as Cedric wrapped an arm around her waist, while the other held her hand. They waltz to the slow song the Weird Sisters were playing. He lifted her up off the ground in a twirl and placed her gently back down. She giggled as she rested her head on his chest.

“I don’t know why I said yes to Viktor,” Hermione said into his shirt.

“I only asked Cho because I thought Harry had asked you,” Cedric blushed. “I wanted him to get jealous like I was of you and him.”

“Cedric you didn’t,” Hermione laughed as he twirled her around and caught her again.

“I did,” He smiled; slowly he bent down and placed a quick kiss on her lips. She smiled back up at him as
he twirled her around again.

As the song ended Cedric let go of Hermione, and kissed her hand. She blushed.

“I’m sorry this has to end,” Hermione said smiling.

“Me too,” Cedric said his heart breaking. “Thank you for the dance.”
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