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Challenge #2: seasonsofboheme's Fiction Entry

Winter has always been her favorite season. She had told him hundreds of times, and when the first snowflake of the season began to fall, she instantly became excited. Christmas just seemed to add to her love of winter. After their Thanksgiving dinner together in her small apartment, she didn't even clean the dishes from the meal. No. She went to dig out all of the Christmas decorations and the artificial tree and went to work. Robert remembered smiling and setting to work on the dishes and watched as Aubrey decorated the tree and apartment.

This year's Christmas holiday would mark their 2 year anniversary. Their first date was walking through the falling snow in a London park, as was their first kiss. Aubrey had been spending many days out at local stores trying to find him the perfect gift for 2 years. She finally found what she had been looking for one day at a small bookstore. It was a first edition of Robert's favorite book. Smiling, she set off towards the counter. Sure, it wasn't all that much but Aubrey knew he would love it.

But Robert was on another mission. He's been on this mission for weeks now. This must have been the 13th store he had been in with Aubrey's best friend, Kate.

“How about this one?” He asked her.

Kayla wondered over to see what Robert what pointed out. “No. Brei hates gold, remember?”

Robert smiled sheepishly. “Oh yeah.” Kate smiled with them and they continued to venture through the store. Robert walked a few steps ahead and stared down at into the glass counters, trying to find the perfect one. Kayla gasped which made him stop and turn around. “What is it?”

“I think I've found what you've been looking for.”

Robert walked back over to Kayla and stood next to her, peering down in the glass. His face broke out in a slow, broad smile. “That, love, is perfect.”

The snow fell in heavy in fat flakes. Aubrey walked down the sidewalk, her hand in Robert's. She carried a gift for Kayla from the both of them. Up ahead, they could see the bright Christmas lights and cheery voices, belong to the people of the party they were heading to.

“There are my 2 favorite people in the entire world!” exclaimed Kayla as they walked through the front door.

Aubrey took her coat off and laid it across a vacant chair and went to her friend. “Happy Christmas!” She said, hugging Kayla and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Happy Christmas to you too, darling!” Kayla hugged Aubrey back. Once they pulled away, Robert stepped up and also hugged Kayla. “And Happy Christmas to you!”

“Happy Christmas, Kate.” Laughed Robert.

“This is for you.” Aubrey thrusted the wrapped box to Kayla. “From both of us.”

Kayla's face lit up. Just like a little kid's on Christmas morning. “Yay! Presents!” She accepted the gift and hugged Alex again. “Thank you, Brei! And Rob too!”

“Don't mention it.” Aubrey smiled and looked into the living room where most of the guests were. “Oh, there's Vic. 2 seconds.” She gave Robert a sweet kiss on the cheek before setting off into the small congregation of people.

Kayla moved a bit closer to Robert and asked, “Nervous?”

“Should I be?” He asked, looking down at the blonde, a look of worry etched on his face.

Kayla smiled and laughed. “Absolutely not. Trust me, shes be wanting this.”

“Has she?” The look of worry was now replaced with a look of shock.

“Well duh. She's a girl right? Every girl has been dreaming of it since they were old enough to know what exactly it was.” Kayla looked away from Robert and across the crowd to Aubrey. “You're going to make one girl very happy tonight.” She looked back up to him, a grin on her face. “And make the rest of the female population want to kill her.”

Robert grinned with Kayla and looked over to Aubrey. “I hope so. Just minus the killing part.”

4 hours later, at 11:30, they arrived back at Aubrey's flat and she made work to fix some tea. Robert went into the living room and started to work on a fire. 5 minutes, a fire was roaring in the fireplace and Aubrey walked out of the kitchen, carrying 2 cups of tea. “Tonight was fun, wasn't it?” She asked, sitting next to him on the couch, folding one leg under her. She handed him his cup of tea.

Robert smiled his thanks and nodded. “Indeed.”

Aubrey took a few sips and set the cup on the coffee table and picked up a remote and turned on the stereo, that has been set on a Christmas station fro days now. She smiled and set the remote back down as 'All I Want for Christmas is You' softly filled the room. She sat back and leaned into Robert. He set this cup on the table next to him and wrapped an arm around Aubrey as she began to sing along to the song. He smiled and laid his head on top of Aubrey's head and stroked her arm softly. Even after the song ended and another came on, they stayed like that. Perfectly content. From where they were sitting, just beyond the Christmas tree, that was lit up, they could see the snow, still falling heavily. Aubrey glanced up at the clock. She slowly pushed up from Robert and retreated back to her room and walked back into the living room, carrying a his gift.

“Happy Christmas and 2 year anniversary.” Aubrey smiled down at him and handed him the gift.

Robert smiled up at her and took it from her hands and sat up. “Thank you, love.”

Aubrey leaned down and placed a tender kiss on his lips. When she broke away, she grinned and urged him on. “Go on, then! Open it!”

He smiled bigger and began to rip at the paper. The paper was soon on the floor and Robert held the book in his hands, a look of astonishment on his face. “How in the world were you even able to find this?”

“Chance, I guess?” She replied. “I take it you like it?” She added quietly.

“Like it? Brei, I love it!” He stood up and took her into his arms and hugged her tightly. “Thank you so much.” He pulled away and kissed her. “Now,” he took both of her hands in his, with some difficulty since the book was still in his hand, “Your gift is on the mantle.” Aubrey's eyes moved from his blue/grey ones to the mantle. 'How did I miss that?' she asked herself, spying the small wrapped present. “Why don't you go see what it is, while I put this up.”

Aubrey looked back at Robert and nodded. “Ok.” She grinned and walked to the mantle as Robert made his way to the bedroom. He quickly found a spot and set the book down and he walked out of the room and stood quietly as Aubrey tore at the wrapping paper. Aubrey looked at the tiny, velvet black box in her hands. She suddenly had trouble breathing. With somewhat shaky hands, she opened it. Tears filled her eyes when she saw what was inside. Set in the white padding, was platinum band with 3 princess cut diamonds in a row set into the band, the middle one the largest. She slipped it out of the setting. The diamonds weren't all that big, nor all that small. To her guess, they were 1 carat. Inside the lid, there was a folded up piece of paper. Aubrey took it out, set the box back onto the mantle and unfolded it, the ring still in her hand. Robert's masculine handwriting was scribbled across the paper.

You are my past, present and I want you to be my future always.

Marry Me?

Strong arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her close. “Will you?” Robert whispered into her ear.

Tears fell from Aubrey's eyes as she turned around. She smiled and slipped the ring on. “Of course.”

Robert smiled and leaned down and captured Aubrey's lips in a passionate kiss. She stood on her toes to reach him better and wrapped her arms around his neck. They pulled away and leaned their foreheads against together. He smiled at her again and said softly,

“Merry Christmas, love.”
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