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Challenge #2: annebloom188's Fiction Entry

Title: “All I want for Christmas is Rob Pattinson under my tree. Naked”
Pairing: Robert Pattinson/OFC
Genre: PWP [Plot What Plot]
Word Count: 1,7828 Words
Warning: Graphic sex and language
Summary: My icon and Title says it all actually.
Rating: NC-17

“All I want for Christmas is Rob Pattinson under my tree. Naked” by annebloom188.

It was Christmas Eve; Rob and I were wrapping the last batch of Christmas presents we’d bought just 2 days ago which were intended for his parents. I didn’t normally celebrate Christmas so he was quite enthusiastic about making my first Chrimbo memorable. We agreed weeks ago to open our presents for one another, early in the morning before leaving for his parents’ house. I’d already wrapped his present early and had it placed under the Christmas tree we bought 3 weeks ago. It was strategically placed in the middle of the apartment that we were cohabiting in. It was dead in the centre, within easy access from the bedroom, living room, dining table, kitchen and the front door. It was a bit big tree for my taste but he insisted on getting a big one for my first Christmas. Not wanting to burst his bubble, I let him. We’d already agreed to get each other a maximum of 5 presents and he had surprisingly refused to do so, which I found particularly funny because he was the one who couldn’t stop himself from opening his presents from two weeks early. He was really itching to open them.

The night before Christmas day, we were in bed when I asked him what my extra special present was because he had hinted a month ago that he had something extra special for me. Rob just smiled his damned smile and kissed me on my forehead; and said “You’ll see tomorrow morning, love. Goodnight”. I knew there was no point in arguing because he always knew a way to prevent my inquisitive part question him.

The next morning, I woke up to find that I was alone in bed. I chuckled at the thought of him waking up at 5 in the morning to rip open his presents like a little boy. I slowly got off the bed and went to brush my teeth; it was a habit I picked up ever since I moved in with Rob because he had the tendency to kiss me in the morning and trust me, I was just like every other woman because the last thing I wanted was for my guy to kiss me with morning breath.

After I finished brushing my teeth and washing my face, I chuckled to myself and tried not to laugh as I stepped into the living room in hope of catching him in the act of opening his presents. However, what I saw was anything but. I found Rob lying on his side, his right arm bent so he could place his head on his palm; completely and utterly naked. I let out a huge gasp of shock and tried to drill some sense into my brain. I opened and closed my mouth several times trying to find the right words to say but nothing came out. Rob grinned and said softly “Merry Christmas, love”.

I finally blinked and sputtered “What are you? Who? Why... What is this?” He stood up and stood in all his naked glory in front of me. He grinned and said “Surprise!” “I still don’t get it?” I replied. He scoffed and said “Your livejournal icons remember?” I immediately remembered my icon that said “All I want for Xmas is Robert Pattinson under my tree, naked”. I placed a hand over my mouth to hide my smile. He raised his eyebrows and a huge grin crept into his mouth. I opened my mouth to protest but he leaned down and kissed me hard on the lips. I tried to push him away but he wouldn’t let go. Instead he nuzzled my neck and groaned out “I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes for you to find me and to be honest, the cold can create a lot of damage to someone my age”. I stifled a giggle and slid my right hand down his chest to until it reached his navel and he hissed as my fingers curled up around his stiff and hard shaft. “It feels like normal to me”, I said. His hands immediately got to work as his tongue invaded my mouth. In a matter of seconds, I was already in my underwear. His mouth had already begun to travel on their own down to my throat and we had shifted over to the bedroom not really caring about bumping into the walls and door. His mouth was one of my favourite features and as I continued to maw and nibble on his mouth; his hands suddenly started playing with my aroused nipple. The cold air had instantly made them stand out and his fingers were plucking at them. It was almost painful but arousing as well. I abruptly turned him around so I could push him on the bed. To which he grinned at my domineering technique. I crawled across his lap so I could straddle his hips. His hard cock rubbed against my fully clothed cunt and because I was already turned on; I let out a long moan against his neck. He sat up and pulled me closer and before I could say anything his mouth had grabbed a hold on one of my nipples and sucked hard. I grabbed his head in panic and in an aroused state. His other hand held my waist while the kneaded my other breast to prep it up for his mouth. His wet mouth was almost my undoing especially when he applied that mouth on the other breast.

I was getting impatient. I always was and he always took his time; torturing yet in a teasing way. I started to lift my hips to poise myself above his ready cock. But as I slid in my wet cunt, he quickly flipped me on my back and the next thing I knew; he had widened my legs for him to access my wetness. He looked up at me as I wasn’t capable of forming any words at the time. All I could do was feel; and felt I did when his tongue invaded me. His finger rubbed my nub lazily. He switched his mouth to suck on my clitoris as his finger got to work. At the touch of penetration, my hips lifted off the bed at their own accord and I emit a loud moan. My legs were writhing and I hardly had any control for them. Rob held my legs apart as I slowly felt my orgasm reaching the surface within seconds. But just when I was about to come, he lifted himself up over my body and kissed me softly. I tasted myself on his tongue and we both groaned at the taste. His mouth then slowly kissed my neck but I was getting really annoyed with his teasing.

I rolled him over abruptly and grabbed his hands and placed them over his head as I straddled his hips. “You didn’t think that was funny did you?” I asked him. “What was?” he asked innocently. “Teasing me”, I replied “You know you’re in trouble now right”. “Am I?” he asked seriously. “But then again we could just get dressed and go to your parents now…”, I said; slowly moving away from him. He quickly grabbed me and had me pinned beneath him again. But this time I took advantage of his vulnerability and grabbed his still hard cock and slowly slid it up and down, all the while looking at his reactions. His eyes were half closed as I sped up my movements and tightened my grip. His groans were music to my ears. His own hips helped propel him towards his own orgasm. I was getting more turned on by his helplessness. But he wanted to play so I played along. Just when I felt his reactions that he was about to come in my hand, I released my grip completely. He gave a disappointed groan as he fell beside me on the bed. But I wasn’t done yet. In his state of deprivation of an orgasm, I straddled him once more but instead I engulfed his still hard cock in delirious heat. I moaned aloud his name as I felt him sliding deliciously into me. Rob had closed his eyes and bit his lower lip and managed to groan out in ecstasy. As I finally found myself getting used to his length and he was most certainly well endowed; I started a slow movement at first, then started gently rocking against his hips. Rob sat up and as I slid up and down around his cock; he gazed at my reactions. I realised that I had lost all sense of control and he had regained his composure because the next thing I knew, I was beneath him still connected to him.

He began moving at an even slower pace than I did but somehow the tender movements of his hard length sliding in and withdrawing out from within me made me come faster than expected. His pubic bone grazed against my sensitive clit and the wetness of my arousal for him provided enough lubrication for him to slide faster. But just as he had extended the pace, I came with a loud moan. He continued sliding and withdrawing within me throughout my orgasm. His pace quickened even more and all I could do was moan and groan out his name over and over again with words of encouragement and cries of “Rob. Oh my fucking God! I’m coming. Oh fuck! Jesus! Rob!” as I came again for the second time. I could feel my voice moaning out his name in a tortured way and he groaned out finally “Oh God! I’m coming, love!” “Don’t stop, Rob!” I groaned out. He continued thrusting himself into me throughout his orgasm; spilling himself into me. As he came, I clenched his cock one more time and came again for the third time before he collapsed on top of me.

I felt him softening in me and he slowly withdrew his inflated cock, and slid off me. We were both still breathing pretty hard but we looked into each others eyes and I just smiled. He kissed me softly on the lips and whispered “Merry Christmas, love! I hope you like your present”.

~The End~
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