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Challange 1: hellzfirefly32's Fiction Entry

Challange 1: How Cedric asks Cho To The Yule Ball

Cedric picked at his food all during lunch. He wasn’t hungry, his mind was somewhere else. On a certain Ravenclaw to be exact. He looked up and glanced around quickly to make sure no one was watching him and glanced up to watch Cho Chang talk animatedly to her friends. She laughed and her long dark hair spilled over her shoulder.... Cedric loved to watch her, smiling and laughing with her friends.

Cho could feel someone watching her and after taking a bite of her food, looked up, right in to the eyes of Cedric Diggory. Cho’s eyes widened marginally before smiling. Cedric smiled back and looked back to his food, a small blush creeping over his cheeks. Cho was amazed, Cedric? He was a champion! He couldn’t be watching her! Maybe it was a mistake, but in the back of her mind, she hoped it wasn’t.
Cedric sat in Herbology with a glazed look in his eyes, imaging dancing with Cho in the great hall. He shook his head and started tripping the small plant he had in front of him. He decided right then he was going to do it tonight. Smiling he looked down at his plant and concentrated on that, a grin still firmly fixed on his mouth.

Cho wasn’t much better off in transfiguration. McGonagall wasn’t very caring either and gave her some extra homework. Cho sighed in defeat and started walking back to her common room slower than everyone else, telling them she would meet up with them at dinner.
Cedric smiled to himself as he walked out of his common room and spotted Cho near the end of the hallway. ‘Now!’ his mind shouted at him

"Cho!” Cedric shouted in. Cho whirled around to see Cedric running up to her. She smiled and waved, and paused waiting for him. She started shivering slightly, the weather outside had been Freezing at best lately and it was cold in the corridors now that everyone had filed into their common rooms or the great hall. She rubber her hands together just as Cedric started to jog, she could see his cheeks slightly flushed because she knew he had just been out in Green House 4 during Herbology with the other 7th years.

She smiled as he reached her, thinking to herself how great he looked with his windblown hair and his cloak thrown over both his shoulders. Like some imperial prince, and as Cho imagined this, she chuckled, causing Cedric who was about 10 feet from her, to start getting extremely nervous. ‘What if she says no?!, or oh god! What if she is already going with someone?!’, Cedric told his mind to shut up as he caught up to her, slowing to a walk the last couple of steps.

"Hey Cedric.", Cho greeted warmly. Cedric smiled down at her, despite his nerves, put his hand on her shoulder and steered her into an empty classroom. He stepped in and shut the door, before leaning back against an unused desk, arms folded over his sweater. He put his bag down and looked over at her. Cho began to get nervous and looked down at her feet, twisting her hands. Cedric smiled and leaned over to grab one of her

“Cho... “ he began, reaching up a hand to stroke across her cheek, the other still holding her hands.. “I was just wondering if you maybe wanted to go to the ball with me?” Cedric paused and watched for a reaction.

Cho grinned and jumped up to kiss him on the cheek, wrapping her arms around his tall figure. Her head just barley reached his shoulder as it was. “I’d absolutely LOVE too!” whispered Cho as she looked up at him, arms still around his waist. Cedric smiled and leaned down to drag his lips gently against hers, closing his eyes and placing both hands low on her back, effectively pulling her against him. Cho pulled away, after a moment and pulled in a breath, grinning. Cedric grinned and leaned down to whisper in her ear “Follow me…” Cho looked at him, grabbed his hand and followed him down the stairs, suddenly not hungry or cold anymore.
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