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Challange 1: 62442almystery's Fiction Entry

Challange 1: How Cedric asks Cho To The Yule Ball

Wandering the halls late at night was not custom for Cedric Diggory, but tonight was going to be a special night. He was going to ask a girl to the Yule Ball, but he didn’t know where to find her, and he only knew the general direction of the location of the Ravenclaw common room. Even if he did manage to find it, he would need a password, and not many Ravenclaws were bound to be out past curfew.

It seemed as if he was in luck. Just turning the corner, he saw a lock of familiar curly hair, and he called out to her, “Marietta!” He tried not to show any hesitancy in his voice.

Her hair flew around her face, and it seemed as if a glare had been eternally etched on it, and she spoke in a menacing tone, “Wh—” Upon seeing who had called her, her gaze softened and she tried to redeem herself by smiling, “Oh, Cedric, It’s only you!” She let out a little giggle and put her best fake smile on, but didn’t further explain herself.

“Do you- do you know where I could find Cho?” Cedric queried.

Marietta’s smile became genuine and she nodded, “She’s up at the Owlery.” With a nod, a point in the direction of the Owlery, and another smile, Marietta left, so Cedric headed towards the Owlery.

Upon arrival, he couldn’t see anyone there, but then he heard a high-pitched scream, which sounded like it was coming from the opposite end, from the balcony, so he ran hastily towards it. There, he saw some legs dangling, and he grabbed them by the ankles and pulled her up.

She instantly stood upright and brushed herself, wishing her tears away. “C-Cedric, my owl was injured, but I gave it my letter anyway, and it started flying, but then it started falling towards the ground when it passed the balcony. I tried to save it, but I leaned over too far and- and-” She shook her head, unable to continue, now letting the tears roll down freely.

“Cho, it’s all right!” Cedric pulled her close to him and held her tightly against his chest in an embrace, and they stood there like that until she was calmed.

When she could speak again, she pulled away and said, “Oh! If you hadn’t been there…” With a slight pause she continued in a softer tone, “I owe you my life now.”

An instant’s silence and then she spoke again, “Wh-what were you doing here, anyway?” She must have seen that he didn’t have a letter to send. Cedric pulled away and looked out into the starry night, “I-I actually came here to see you.”

Cho gasped, “Oh,” and she tried to hide her emotions.

Cedric couldn’t decipher whether it was a good gasp or a bad gasp, but he decided to find out.

“I was just wondering if...” Cedric looked down at his shoes and kicked the air, “that if maybe you wanted to… go to the Yule Ball with me?” Before she had a chance to reply, he added as an afterthought, “That is, if you’re not already going with someone else.”

“Oh Cedric!” Cho flung her arms around him, “I would love to!”

Cedric grinned broadly; he couldn’t have been happier. He looked deep into Cho’s eyes and slowly moved his head closer to hers, closing the gap between their lips, and they wrapped their arms around each other and kissed each other passionately

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